Referee Gear


The standard uniform for youth and high school soccer referees consists of a yellow jersey, black shorts, black stockings, and black shoes.

  • Alternate jersey colors for youth matches are black, red, blue, and green.  There is no order of preference but all crew members must wear matching jerseys.
  • Minnesota State High School League officials may wear any alternate color as long as all crew members match.

Officials should keep their jerseys tucked in and their stockings pulled up while they are at the game site.


Certified referees should wear current USSF badges for youth games and MSHSL badges for high school matches.

  • Officials receive new USSF badges each year after they complete the certification/recertification requirements.
  • High school badges do not change from year to year.  SCMSOA provides MSHSL badges to new members when they join the Association.  Officials also can purchase badges from MSHSL.

All officials should carry flipping coins, pencils or pens, notebooks or game report forms, watches, whistles, yellow and red cards, and assistant referee flags.

In addition:

  • Referees for MYSA matches need cell phones or tablet computers with Internet access to check in teams.
  • SCMSOA members need vouchers when they officiate high school games.
  • All officials need drinking water to avoid dehydration.

You may want other items, as well, including sunscreen, insect repellent, an equipment bag for your gear, and a large plastic trash bag to protect everything in case of rain.


Referees can purchase new uniforms and equipment from the following vendors:

SCMSOA members also can use the Exchange to buy, sell, or donate used items.

SCMSOA Clothing

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