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Soccer may be the simplest of all team sports.  A few basic rules make it possible for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to enjoy playing and watching the game anywhere around the world.

At its best, soccer is fluid, spontaneous, and exciting.  The rules  reward intelligent and skillful play rather than brute force.  They also promote continuous action, limiting interruptions and keeping them brief.  Soccer’s rules are an integral part of the game’s beauty and widespread appeal.

Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are the fundamental rules of soccer.  They govern international and professional matches and serve as the basis for the modified rules used in youth, high school, and college soccer.

Youth Rules

The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association uses the Laws of the Game with modifications:

High School Rules

The Minnesota State High School League uses the NFHS Soccer Rules with modifications:

Referees who officiate high school contests in Minnesota also are responsible for knowing the information contained in this document:

College Rules

See the link below for modified rules used by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Additional Resources

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