This PDF contains general guidelines for writing reports.

Click the links below to submit reports to the appropriate organizations.

Youth games

To submit a match report to the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association:

To report negative behavior towards officials to the Minnesota State Referee Committee:

  • Log in to the SRC website.
  • Click “Report Incident” at the left side of the display.
  • Complete the form and submit the report.

High school games

To submit an incident report to the Minnesota State High School League:

  • Log in to the Officials’ Corner at the MSHSL website.
  • Click “incident Report Form” at the lower left of the display (under “CENTRAL HUB”) or click “GENERAL” and then “Incident Report Form” at the upper right of the display (under “EDUCATION/TRAINING RESOURCES”).
  • Complete the form and submit the report.

All games

Notify the assignor of any serious or unusual incidents.