Click the links below to view, download or print forms.  (Please note: fillable PDFs work with Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge but not with Mozilla Firefox.)


These PDFs contain IRS form W-9, which schools may require before they pay officials.


These PDFs contain the payment voucher that SCMSOA members submit to ADs or site managers before high school matches.

This PDF contains travel fees for locations that SCMSOA does not serve during the regular season.  When you officiate a Section 2A playoff match at one of these locations, submit this form to the host school along with the SCMSOA payment voucher.

Reminder Cards

These PDFs contain cards that SCMSOA members present to head coaches before varsity matches.  The cards remind coaches to rate the officials at the MSHSL website.

Game Report Forms

The first page of this PDF contains forms that you can use during games to record information that you’ll need later when you prepare match and incident reports.  The second page contains forms that you can use during tournaments to record the results of Kicks from the Penalty Mark.

You can print these forms separately or back-to-back.